All of our programs are as much about behavior rehabilitation, as they are about obedience commands. So many dogs are great at obedience, but they cannot hold a command around basic distractions. So many dogs have great obedience, but they do not have a calm state of mind. It is so important for us and the dog, that we are able to work with the dog on these issues.

The biggest thing we will work on is having a calmer dog that listens better and is not reactive to all of the environmental stimulants around your home and in the world. With that starting theory, we are able then train your dog on the obedience commands that you are looking for. We look at dog training as a lifestyle and not a series of tricks, our training and rehab program becomes part of your lifestyle. 

As far as obedience we work on the following with your dog:

Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions
Place command
Correcting bad behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on countertops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away
Recall training (with and without distractions)
Separation Anxiety (some separation issues need a longer program)
Crate Nonsense (barking, whining, etc.)
Heeling properly on leash and eliminating leash reactivity (some intense leash reactivity needs a longer program)
Building confidence with your dog so you get a better off well mannered dog. 
Calm on Command training – having your dog be calm in all situations, without him/her having to be worn out with hours of walking/play time
Leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands proper pack order with humans, eliminating a lot of pushy behavior dogs have. This is also great for nervous fearful dogs.
Work with your dog on the anxiety and fear that is driving most unwanted behaviors

All Board and Train programs include 3 hours of private one-on-one training. The 3 hours includes two,  one-hour training sessions at the completion of the program. You also receive one one-hour follow-up session to be scheduled at the owner’s and trainer’s discretion. 


All board and train clients are responsible for drop off and pick up of their dogs.  Food and veterinary care are not included in the board and train program and must be provided by the owner.